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About the manufacturer

IMSystem is an experienced Italian company, which manufactures instrumentation, equipment and systems for fluid monitoring and electronic controls. The IMSystem product line is the ultimate expression of excellence, quality and reliability in the world. Today the company uses the most modern technical and organizational systems to optimize the entire process. More and more customers are buying a wide range of IMSystem products every day. 

IMSystem’s official website fully presents its product catalog. IMSystem uses modern tools in order to upgrade The high quality of the raw materials. IMSystem offers a wide range of product catalog: Indicators, Controllers, Regulators, Totalizers, Signal Converters and Acquisition, Touch Panels ,Recorders, Data Loggers, Wireless Probes, Area variable float Flowmeters, Flow Switches, Turbines, Vortex, Oval Gear Flowmeters for Oil, Calorimetric Sensors, Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, Air Gas flow, Rapid Levels, Vibration levels, Pressure Transmitters, Gauges, Pressure regulators, Safety valves, Sensors, Peristaltic pumps, Dosing pumps, Electromagnetic pumps, Pneumatic Pumps. 

The mixture of innovation and tradition are IMSystem’s prominent concepts, which it follows constantly in order to keep the cutting-edge technology in the production processes. For IMSystem quality and performance are key measures in their production. IMSystem with a long history of delivering reliable performance can continue to innovate in this field of industrial market.

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