Сontroller MC 7687 B&C Electronics
Сontroller MC 7687 B&C Electronics

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B&C Electronics MC 7687


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MC 7687


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Multi-channel controller for digital probes and transmitters, RS485-Modbus MC 6587 can control up to three B&C Electronics digital probes and transmitters. If necessary, the user can connect two or three devices of the same kind, so to have a double or triple validation.

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Specifications MC 7687

The available parameters are: •turbidity and suspended solids •dissolved oxygen •conductivity and TDS •pH / ORP •free residual chlorine •chlorine dioxide •residual dissolved ozone •different types of oxidants •temperature The instrument provides: - measuring display of the probes and transmitters connected; - automatic measurement control function; - alarm from the min/max values of the measures, the excessive activation of relays and the presence of the logic inputs; - programmable dual analog output for recording and acquisition of the measurement values or PID regulation; - RS485/ Modbus (function 03, 06, 16) output; - hold / alarm function activated by two external volt free contacts; - automatic /manual autoclean function.

Features MC 7687

Display: multi-line graphic Input from: B&C Electronics digital probes and transmitters Selectable scales 2 set-point with min/max function, hysteresys and delay time programmable for every parameter Min/max alarm relay, activate/deactivate function selectable 2 analog outputs: 0-20 or 4-20 mA isolated for PID regulation or measure transmission RS485/ Modbus (function 03, 06, 16) output Parameters configuration on two levels with access code selected by the operator Two logic digital input for hold or alarm function, selectable Power supply: 85/264 Vac - 50/60 Hz, 5 VA Enclosure: metallic, IP 65 frontal protection Dimensions: 98x98x104 mm (90x90x95 mm back) Registered design: 002564666-003