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About the manufacturer

D.R.Tecnologie S.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer of measuring and electrical tools. DRTecnologie products are produced entirely in Italy and guarantee high quality and efficiency. DRTecnologie uses the latest generation switches and converters in order to ensure all the toughest application needs. As a result, the company supplies its innovative products worldwide with the help of the trusty distributors and dealers. 

DRTecnologie product catalog covers a complete range of equipment for the measurement, conversion and transformation of electricity. The company is always attentive to the market developments and to the demands of customers, that’s why it is continuously manufacturing products with modern technological instruments. Among its products are static inverters, static converters, static switches, static power supply, fast back-up instruments, static indicators, HF couplers, insulation transformers.

Thanks to its reputation and experience DRTecnologie is recognized worldwide as a guarantee in terms of quality, reliability and service. DRTecnologie’s goal is to satisfy the toughest needs of all of its customers with its ability to design and manufacture its industrial equipment in-house.

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