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FERGO Armaturen

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About the manufacturer

FERGO Armaturen is a highly qualified German manufacturer of different types of valves, pneumatic and electric drives. From the establishment of it is recognized as high-quality and oriented to customer-specific solutions in the field of control engineering. A deep knowledge of the sector in combination with the high level of vertical integration and in-house processes, enable FERGO Armaturen to produce standard products and customer-specific solutions at the highest level.

FERGO Armaturen’s official website presents a complete product catalog. Customers can look through it and buy directly at fair prices. Among such products are all types of gate valves, shut-off and non-return valves, solenoid valves, positioners, limit switch boxes, knife gate valve, chick boosters, condensate drain, butterfly valves, ball valves, throttle bodies, dives and accessories, non-return fittings, ball backflow preventer, axial check and foot valves, mud flaps, compensators, slight glass fittings, diaphragm valves. 

Thanks to the contribution of new technology and the expertise of valuable collaborators, FERGO Armaturen continues to establish itself on the global market. FERGO Armaturen always gives its client specific details about the products and provides customers with technical support.

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