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About the manufacturer

Jackson Safety is a manufacturer of welding and personal protective equipment industries. Jackson Safety has over a century of expertise offering the most cutting-edge safety solutions in the business. Furthermore, it has established the benchmark for long-term value, durability, and comfort. Whether you need welding protection in a steel industrial facility, head protection on a construction site, or hearing protection at an airport, Jackson Safety has you covered. Jackson Safety is undoubtedly meeting all of these needs through its trusted distributors and dealers.

Jackson Safety takes care of every single item, a big attention is paid to the production, set up and quality control. The versatility and top quality of Jackson Safety products has always distinguished them on the industrial market. 

The official website of Jackson Safety has a large product catalog: air purifying respirator, face protection instruments, eye protection tools, hearing and head protection instruments, welding helmets, respirators, welding curtains, welding accessories, Curv-O-Mark measuring tools. All of the items, which are specially made for each customer and meets their requirements can be delivered to anywhere promptly at fair prices with the help of Jackson Safety’s reliable distributors.