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Kuebler / Kübler

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  • Encoders ,
  • Inclinometers ,
  • Linear measurement ,
  • Safe speed monitors ,
  • Displays and counters ,
  • Cables & Connectors ,
  • Slip rings ,
  • Signal converters
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About the manufacturer

Kuebler Gmbh is a German manufacturing company, started as a family business, which developed as one of the most leading manufacturers in the fields of position and motion sensors, counting and process technology as well as transmission technology. Kubler company was founded in 1960 by Fritz Kubler and the name was given to the company - Fritz Kuebler gmbh. Fritz Kuebler was always paying attention to the details and that’s how he made Kuebler Group popular on the international market. Kubler distributors are providing kubler products worldwide safely. 

In 2013 Kuebler Inc. became the newest member of the Kuebler Group. Nowadays Kubler GmbH’s website is full with information in details about Kuelber sensor, encoder Kubler and many more. Kubler company presents its wide range of product catalog: encoders, kubler sensors, bearingless encoders, motor feedback systems, linear measurement, shaft copying systems,  inclinometers, slip rings, signal converters, cables and connectors.

The mixture of innovation and tradition are Kuebler’s prominent concepts, which it follows constantly in order to keep the cutting-edge technology in the production processes. For Kubler quality and performance are key measures in their production. Kubler Gmbh with a long history of delivering reliable performance can continue to innovate in this field of industrial market.

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