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MWM Freni Frizioni

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About the manufacturer

MWM Freni Frizioni was established in Milan, Italy. The company has been creating innovative brakes, clutches, tooth couplings, caliper brakes and torque limiting couplings for over 50 years. MWM Freni Frizioni developed more and more and has gained reliable distributors and dealers in order to supply its innovative products worldwide. The development, customization and the continuous expansion of a product range together with a joint reliability and performance guarantee.

MWM Freni Frizioni’s official website presents a full range of product catalog: electromagnetic, pneumatic and hydraulic clutches, brakes and clutches, caliper brakes, torque limiting joints, especially the line of custom made-to-measure products. Besides the standard items, MWM deals also with special solutions in order to meet any customer need.

MWM Freni Frizioni creates its products with cutting edge technology and great attention to detail. Hence, MWM Freni Frizioni is striving to manufacture tailor-made solutions for the sector. Step by step MWM Freni Frizioni sales have grown and today customers continue to buy innovative products of MWM Freni Frizioni.